20-Hour Teaching Practicum

Approx.* HK$2,150 (CAD$350)

*Payment will be charged in Canadian Dollar, bank transaction/administration fee excluded. All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation.

Important Note:
Students can enrol this teaching practicum upon completion of any of the following online ONTESOL courses:

  • 120-Hour Advanced TESOL Certificate
  • 250-Hour TESOL Diploma
  • 270-Hour Master TEFL Certificate with TEYL Specialization

Practicum Module Detail

This teaching practice component is customised for teachers working in Hong Kong. The benefit of this module is that you can complete it at the school you currently teach.

This way, you can receive feedback from a qualified teacher on how to apply the TESOL methodology according to your current teaching context. During this module, you will have the opportunity to observe other teachers, to design lesson plans that are specific to your teaching context, and to write a reflection paper on the challenges and benefits of adapting the curriculum using communicative activities and authentic material.

How to Complete

This module consists of 10 hours of class observation and 10 hours of teaching practice. For the teaching practice part, teachers are required to obtain written permission from the parents to record the classes. OnTESOL will give you the guidelines to submit two full lesson plans, two videos, and two reflective essays.

What to submit
Class Observation
Teaching Practice

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