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Welcome to The Headstart Blog. The purpose of this blog is to share our thoughts about education, living in Hong Kong and other interesting things for our partners: schools and teachers. Enjoy your time here and share your thoughts. Headstart Blog welcomes you.

Tai Tong Sweet Gum Wood

30 November, 18|

Autumn arrived and it’s time for hiking! Hong Kong is full of hiking route but Tai Tong Sweet Gum Wood is the No.1 choice for the season with its spectacular view. You don’t have [...]

5 Tips to engage students in Effective Reading

12 November, 18|

How do you help a student develop reading skills that will guide their passion for learning? While students may read the pages, they don’t always retain the information or think or how [...]

A “Hello” From Headstart

12 October, 18|

As an organisation that has served in the field of education for over 10 years, we have achieved a lot. With this being said, we are not stopping and we are moving [...]