How do you help a student develop reading skills that will guide their passion for learning? While students may read the pages, they don’t always retain the information or think or how to relate to real-life experiences.

We can help them easily with the following 5 tips:

1. Paraphrase and comment

Teach your students to go beyond highlighting or underlining text and encourage them to write notes or ideas while they read. This helps increase a student’s focus and understanding of the topic as they stay engaged in their learning. Good annotations can encourage students to develop their own note-taking skills.

Interactive to have fun

2. Interactive reading

From following a recipe to acting out a short skit in the story, students can deepen their reading comprehension by actively participating in the subject.

3. Thought-provoking questions

Asking questions ahead of time is an effective way to help students read with a purpose and search for the answers. It also gives students an opportunity to develop their own questions by predicting as they actively read.

4. Identify text structures

Students would read different text types and as they understand the structure, they will more easily comprehend the subject which in turn can help them spot relevant information faster and write better with more organization. Like in a story you can Help students identify the construction from beginning to end by discussing the characters, events, setting, problem and resolution.

Students would read different text types

5. Create reading goals or competitions

Set classroom reading goals and help each student set a personal reading goal. You may have each student choose their own reading and set a goal for the topic or story. This gives students a chance to practice reading comprehension and set enjoyable goals as they read for pleasure.

Set goals