Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival is the largest outdoor light festival in Hong Kong, it features 18 lighting art installations from around the world, including a 6-story music cube tree, a light-shadow tunnel that is ideal for checking in on social media, and a toy horse interactive lighting device for kids to ride. Visitors can enter for free and interact with many of the lighting art installations.

These artworks are unique in shape and have different styles, such as theme of day and night. They are not only photo-taking hot spots, but also comes with different interactive elements. They will transform the Central Waterfront into an artistic light and shadow paradise.

Light Tunnel is one of the popular exhibit for visitors to take photo

The “A Symphony of Lights”, one of the world’s most brilliant lighting and music performances, is enhanced. The number of buildings and venues participating in the show will increase to 44 now and the lighting will be arranged on the roof of several buildings in specific days. Also, there are fireworks to illuminate the winter night sky on both sides of the Victoria Harbour.

Everyone can take photos with the exhibits. Many exhibits have been added to provide an interactive experience for vistors.

Visitors can interact with Angels of Freedom

This year, artists from Hong Kong, Belgium, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States have illuminated the two sides of the Victoria Harbour with creative artworks.

This festival will only be on for a limited time so visit and enjoy these masterpiece of art while you can!

Talking Heads designed by Viktor Vicsek

               Open Date:         January 17 – February 24, 2019

               Location:             Central and Western District, Central

              Opening hours:     5:00pm-11:00pm