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An institution is only as good as its people; everything begins and ends with people. Headstart Group truly recognises the critical value of its teachers. Our Quality Management Division is entrusted with the important task of building the best NET team in Hong Kong! With that in mind, we are here for one and only one purpose – to find the right person and teach our students well.

Recruitment Process


NET Performance Management

Quality Management Division is responsible for managing the performance of our NET team. We adopt a comprehensive “NET Performance Management System” which encompasses the steps of orientation and training, ongoing performance monitoring, and Care and Share.
NET Recruitment and Performance Management

Regular Monitoring

To ensure out NETs to achieve the highest quality of teaching performance, we carry out a regular process of:
a) recognising and encouraging good performance
b) class observation to identify areas for improvement
c) offering feedback and suggestions for improvement
d) diligent follow up

Continuous Training

Continuous training is an important part of our NET Performance Management System. Headstart NETs are invited to join the free monthly training to constantly upgrade their
teaching skills.

Care and Share


At Headstart Group, we take care of our NETs and share our life experiences. We invite them to gatherings, functions and charity events. They are a part of the big Headstart family and our relationship is built on trust and goodwill.


Student Evaluation (Summer 2016)

The programme materials suit the students’ needs.
The programme materials were interesting.
Overall, the students are satisfied (happy) with the performance of the teacher(s).
Overall, the students are satisfied with the programme and would recommend it to other students.