Autumn arrived and it’s time for hiking! Hong Kong is full of hiking route but Tai Tong Sweet Gum Wood is the No.1 choice for the season with its spectacular view. You don’t have to go overseas to find red leaves because you can find beautiful red leaves forest in the countryside of Hong Kong.

Tai Tong Sweet Gum Wood is known as Hong Kong’s Karuizawa and Hong Kong people’s garden. It is planted for amenity purpose because of its autumn colouring. The leaves are more brightly red in colder areas in the territory.

Hong Kong people’s garden – Tai Tong

The colorful Sweet Gum Woods change from green gradually to red that seem to inform you of changing the season. The sunlight through the leaves in red, orange and yellow projects which form a stunning view. If you are a lover of Photography and nature this is the best place to go!

The leaves usually change its color on the sweet gum trees is between November and January. The most beautiful moment to see the leaves turn a bold red colour is during mid to end December.

The best moment of Tai Tong Sweet Gum Woo

Why do the leaves turn RED?

Leaves contain some kinds of colors. Chlorophyll, which gives leaves the green color, carotenoids that give the yellowish color, and anthocyanin that lend the red color. As the climate changes and becomes dry and cool, the chlorophyll breaks down, leaving the yellow and red colors behind to be seen.

Chlorophyll gives leaves the green colour


Bus K66 or red minibus, get off at Tai Tong Shan Road